Learning the Basics of How NetEnt Operates with Online Gambling

Welcome to NetEnt, which ranks as one of the leading software developers across the world. The software developers boasts of a portfolio of world class slots with the live casino available at netent-casino.land . Below is a guide to help you understand how the online casino operates.


Understanding Basics Terms Used

There are a series of common terms used at NetEnt casinos which a player must first familiarize themselves with. Fr example betlines, it refers to a classic way of determining a win in a slot game such as at https://www.latelier-c.com . It records a winning combination at betting table.

  • Wild symbol
  • Scatter symbol

With cluster pays,it counts the symbols that appear in a cluster, which generates a win in case there are more than X symbols in a line. With bet ways, it allows for a player to win in any manner with 3 or more symbols.

Understanding Variance of Games

For each casino game by NetEnt, it is attached to a variance by the software developer. The variance of a game refers to the number which is the calculations using mathematical figures. The number refers to a measure of how much a game varies in winnings.

For casino games which you often win regularly but feature small returns form part of the low variance casino games. While the casino games which you often win less, but when you win, it is usually in high amounts form part of the high variance games.

Return to Player

As part of the overall operations of the NetEnt casino, there is a payout percentages to players after striking a win. This refers to the return to player which is the percentage of stakes returned to player through wins after finishing rounds on the reels.

  • Variance affects game winnings
  • RTP is directly linked with variance

Therefore, with high RTP rates, the players gets a larger percentage of their wins compared to low RTP rates where the house benefits. On the flip side, the opposite of the return to player rates makes most of the house edge for the online casino.

Do Free to Play Version Have Same RTP with Real Money Games.

Yes. As part of a strategy to attract more players to a site, most online casinos offer free version casino games to their players. With this games, players are able to lay without spending their money on the wagers while at the online casino.

At NetEnt, you can try all the casino games available for completely free. This gives you a better sense of the game before graduating to placing your wagers on the ram money games. It still features the same RTP as with the free trial period of the game.

  • Free money games are available for all countries
  • Real money games have restrictions in certain countries

How Does NetEnt Ensure Fairness?

With the rise of online casinos, there has been a cloud of doubt with how the casinos ensure fairness with their games. With cases of rigged slots, it makes it harder for players to trust slot machines. However, at NetEnt casinos, it uses of a Random Number Generator.

With the RNG, it forms part of a written code within the slot machine, which submits random numbers which translates to random results when spinning the reels. The RNG ensure the winning chances are similar from one player to the next when spinning the reels.